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Growing Deeper

The believers at Colossae were definitely in need of growing deeper in there knowledge and understanding of Jesus as they walked with Him daily. The false teachers were "hollow and deceptive" because they were based on deceit and "persuasive" words. Teaching that Jesus was not enough.

Many Christians unfortunately dabble in this sort of thinking. Horoscopes, astral charts, Ouija boards and the like. These things are so far from what the Bible teaches us about a growing relationship with Jesus. Why follow this emptiness when we have all the fullness in Christ that we need?

When a person is born again into the family of God they are born complete in Christ. Their spiritual growth is not based on "addition," but by "nutrition." We grow from the inside out. Nothing needs to be added to Christ because He already is the fullness of God.

Our goal and ultimate responsibility is to draw on the spiritual provisions that He has readily made available to us. This coming week we will dive into just exactly what those privileges are and we come to understand in a greater way just HOW COMPLETE WE ARE IN HIM! Until then let us, GROW DEEPER IN OUR FOUNDATION OF CHRIST!

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